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Talented Friends & Family
Joe Jones
Go see my big brother Joe at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute website!
Raynet Technologies
My husband's company, Raynet Technologies, provides technology solutions for small to medium sized businesses.
Angela DiMeglio
My college roomie Angela DiMeglio has an outstanding website featuring her 3D work and much, much more!
Mike Sandborn
Visit the creator of Pickleboy and other zany characters -- another Ringling grad, Mike Sandborn!
Molly Piper
Children's book illustrator and writer Molly Piper's website showcases her lovely watercolors.
Mark Covell
The dark and mysterious work of Mark Covell.
Answers for Freelancers
Ken Perkins, Bob Ostrom, and Chris Wilson have launched Answers for Freelancers -- the Podcast for freelance artists.
Ken Perkins
Ken Perkins has a brand-new website showcasing his work.
Other Artists/Designers I Admire
Mabelle Ramirez-Ortiz
Mabelle Ramirez-Ortiz
Paige Pooler
Paige Pooler
Susan Jeffers
Susan Jeffers
Mary Grandpre
Mary Grandpré
Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher
Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher
Chris Van Allsburg
Chris Van Allsburg
Leo and Diane Dillon
Leo and Diane Dillon
Janie Bynum
Janie Bynum
Mayrn Roos
Maryn Roos
Rebecca Thornburgh
Rebecca Thornburgh
Western Connecticut Picturebook Critique Group
Nancy White Cassidy

Nancy White Cassidy

Our fearless leader/moderator

Jackie Decker Jackie Decker
Jamison Odone
Jamison Odone Laura Jacques Laura Jacques
Sharon Lane Holm
Sharon Lane Holm Susan Lawson Susan Lawson
Betty Ann Madieros
Betty Ann Madieros Linda Nemergut Linda Nemergut
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