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Any of my artwork that is now at least five years old has been moved to the archive. Here's where you can find my art school portfolio and old favorites!

Click on the thumbnails to see the full version of the piece.

Angel Statue
Zimbabwe Animal Stickers
More Animal Stickers
Scavenger Hunt Arrowheads
Beach Mural
Bears in the Spotlight
Cat in the Window
Cat Sketches
Character Sketches
Coral Reef Mural
Craft Instructions
Sketchbook Doodles
More Sketchbook Doodles
Easter Designs
Angel Feather
Printable Firehat
Scavenger Hunt Flowers
School of Hard Knocks
Footprints in the Sand
Froggie Sketches
Golden Retrievers
Clouds Background
Mrs. Vhd Vhd
Horse Sketches
Just Ducky
Joe and Me
My Little Gothic Sister
My Little Gothic Sister Sketches
Candle Mouse
Multicultural stickers
Hats Parade
Pepper the Puppy stickers
Dancing Pigs
Celia Maria
Scavenger hunt plants
Field of Puppies
Seal Pup
Soul Murder
Bears in the Moonlight
Christmas Star
Tea for Two
Rescue Heroes™ Watch Designs
White Still Life
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